About Us:

A picture-perfect smile is the key to enhancing your self-confidence and preventing a wide range of health and lifestyle problems caused by less than perfect teeth. At F&S, our mission and purpose is to help our patients enhance the health and beauty of their smiles. We manage to achieve our goals every single day, offering convenient access to these orthodontic, periodontal, implant, and lip and tongue tie services in York and Red Lion, PA. You and your children can benefit from high-end treatments to smile with confidence, so what are you waiting for?

Meet Our Doctor

Hi I'm Dr. Daniel L.W. Fishel

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Born in Hanover, PA, Dr. Dan Fishel spent his childhood in New Oxford, a picturesque town of approximately 1,600 residents. Growing up, he developed a lifelong passion for golfing, baseball and woodworking.

Background and Academic Education
As a co-valedictorian graduate of New Oxford High School, Dr. Fishel was already looking forward to building a rewarding career as a dental expert. After three amazing years spent at Penn State, he underwent four years of continuous dental training in Boston, at the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Every single minute spent in this reputable academic environment enabled Dr. Fishel to meet extraordinary people, and gain the knowledge, skills and expertise required to help him become among the best specialists in York.

In 2008, Dr. Dan Fishel succeeded in consolidating his higher education by completing a four year residency in orthodontics and periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. His combined residency is the only one of its kind all across the U.S. and has given him the opportunity to diagnose and address a wide array of orthodontic and periodontal problems, and create and follow all the steps leading to a successful, personalized treatment plan.

After living and practicing in Harrisburg for two years, Dr. Fishel decided to relocate to York with his loving wife Ashleigh, and their three children – Daniel, Holly and Hannah, and their beloved Labradoodle, Mac. At this point, he started to work harder than ever to fulfill his dream of becoming among the most respected dental experts in the entire Dallastown/Red Lion/York area. Specialized in orthodontic and periodontal services, Dr. Fishel has the higher education, ongoing training, background, skills and the right attitude to make thousands of patients happy, and take them one step closer to perfect oral health and a flawless set of natural-looking, pearly white teeth.

As a respected dental professional in Central Pennsylvania, he strives to educate all his community members by providing expert information on prevention methods and treatment options available for some of the most common orthodontic and periodontal problems. Though his friendly attitude, skills and great attention to detail, Dr. Fishel has the power to turn a dentist appointment into a pleasant experience meant to help his patients restore the functionality and beauty of their teeth. If you require the guidance and professional services of a top-notch dental expert, choose to meet Dr. Dan Fishel in person, and benefit from a personalized, affordable treatment plan leading to a million dollar smile.

Meet Our Staff

Together, we work as a team. The affordability and superior quality of our work, our friendly attitude, remarkable flexibility, and modern office are the main elements that have helped us make a name for ourselves as York and Red Lion orthodontic and periodontal service experts.